Meet Boosh TK

TK, also known as "Boosh TK," is a highly skilled and passionate coffee roaster, who has been working with coffee for many years. He is known for his exceptional ability to source high-quality coffee beans and roast them to perfection, bringing out the unique flavors and characteristics of each bean.

Boosh TK is currently working with the exclusive family-built brand, Backyard Brew, to create exceptional coffee that stands out from the rest. He works closely with the family to select the best beans and roasting techniques that will showcase the distinctive qualities of their coffee.

One of Boosh TK's greatest strengths is his ability to curate coffee blends that are perfectly balanced and highlight the individual flavor notes of each bean. He experiments with different roast profiles and brewing techniques to find the best possible result for each blend. The results are consistently exceptional, and the customers of Backyard Brew rave about the quality and taste of the coffee.

Boosh TK's dedication to his craft and his passion for coffee have led him to pursue a certification as a Q grader. This certification is highly respected in the coffee industry and is given to those who demonstrate exceptional skill and knowledge in evaluating coffee. Becoming a Q grader would further cement Boosh TK's status as an expert in the coffee world and a valuable asset to Backyard Brew.

Backyard Brew is a family-owned business that takes pride in crafting exceptional coffee blends that are unique and memorable. With Boosh TK's expertise and passion for coffee, the brand is sure to continue to thrive and attract customers who appreciate the quality and care that goes into each and every cup.

With his incredible ability to source high-quality beans, his skillful roasting techniques, and his dedication to the craft, Boosh TK is sure to continue to create wonderful, curated coffee blends that will impress and delight coffee lovers everywhere.