Black Tea

If you want to delight yourself with nature’s goodness, all you need are our black teas. After all, we source our black tea leaves from the finest gardens for you. Just one sip will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated for a longer period. Moreover, our black tea will nourish your soul by transporting you to a serene sanctuary. Undoubtedly, it is aromatic, strong, and has high nutritional benefits to soothe your mind and body.

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At Backyard Brew, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Thus, you can rely on us to sell you nature’s finest black teas. Besides, all the leaves are handpicked and organically grown to give you a stronger taste and aromatic experience. Clearly, potency and purity are visible aspects of our black teas. In fact, it is the main reason there are so many health benefits to drinking our black tea. For instance, you can brew it if you want it to aid your body metabolism. You can also take it without a worry if you are a diabetic. Because we never compromise on the quality of our black tea, ours is a top name in the market. 

  • Natural 
  • Tasty
  • Aromatic

Whether you have stomach cramps or need a quick brain boost, you can do both with just a single cup of black tea from Backyard Brew. Additionally, our black tea has a high number of antioxidants. Thus, it can easily help you lower your cholesterol levels. In fact, you can also take it to relieve stomach cramps. Undoubtedly, it is a tasteful wonder that brings you a buck load of health benefits. We are your go-to if you want the strongest black tea; our tea is rich in taste – as testified by our tea enthusiastic customers. Therefore, lift your spirit in the best way possible. Buy black tea online from us today!

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Our black teas are natural elixirs that can soothe and heal you. If you make a habit of taking our tea, you will see visible results within days. After all, black tea is scientifically proven to help enliven hair and skin. In fact, it also helps in losing weight. You can take it if you are on a diet without any worry. It is light on the soul, and even lighter on your body; it is so much more than just a delightful beverage. You can think of our teas as an escape from the chaos of daily life; it invites you to take a moment and soothe your mind and body – naturally and tastefully. Clearly, our black tea can help you nurture your well-being while you savor the moment. 

  • Pure
  • Potent 
  • Perfect

Let the aromatic embrace of our black teas envelop you. Buy some today and soothe yourself with a hot steamy cup. You will feel tranquil for a longer time after drinking our black tea. Unlike other tea sellers, we keep our teas natural to provide you with the best taste possible. You can also try our loose leaf green tea for a relaxing time. It will calm your nerves and provide you with a moment of self-care. Place your order right away!


Is Black tea and Dark tea the same thing?

It is a common misconception that black and dark teas are the same. The difference is in the way they are fermented. If you need help finding the best tea for yourself, you can contact us any time. We are ever available to assist our customers.

Should I put water or milk in black tea?

Whether you make black tea in milk or water, it is a matter of personal preference. Moreover, you should know that our black teas are equally beneficial for your health in both. You can place your order without any worry.

Should you sweeten black tea?

Though black tea is naturally sweet and has no need for additional sugar, you can add some if it suits you. The way you brew your black tea matters entirely on your preference. For more information, give us a call.