Why Support Us?

Our Cafe's & Roasting Facility


Our vision for Backyard Brew is to create an environment where we are more than just another coffee shop. We’d love for you to think of us as an extension of your home or business. Whether you are simply grabbing a fast cup of coffee to go, having a meeting in our shop, going over schoolwork, or just hanging out, we want to be that place where everyone feels like its their own backyard.

We are coffee, tea, and overall beverage enthusiasts. Our passion is creating new flavor combinations, blends, and experiences.

Our philosophy is better or worse is relative and a preference. Whether you’re trying a new blend or sipping your old faithful cup take a moment, we want you to enjoy every last drop. Greatness takes time, we go above and beyond to deliver our customers the freshest product possible. No exceptions, sacrificing quality for the bottom line is never an option. While you’re taking a moment out of your busy day we want to say “thanks!”. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate our creation. May you enjoy it with your family and friends. Bringing people together is harder than ever in such a busy world and our passion is to unite people around the planet through little moments just like this one.

  1. Always take criticism, positive and/or negative and apply to better ourselves with every cup of coffee or tea we brew for you.
  2. Everyone is family and friends, to us!
  3. Pride ourselves on tailoring a flavor to everyone’s needs/wants.
  4. Never say NO to a customer’s challenge/request.
  5. We want to experiment and find new blends and recipes, for ourselves.
  6. Others may like the new recipes we create.
  7. Experience Flavors, don’t expect them.
  8. Dare to Dare
  9. Question everything
  10. up&on
  11. Experience don’t expect
  12. Try now, perfect later 
  13. fail fast, learn faster
  14. Fail sooner, learn sooner
  15. I didn’t pop out of my mom as the person I am today it took practice
  16. Learn from the past to guide the present to A Future I would like to live in
  17. Hard conversations lead to an easier life
  18. Being the character I want to become is easy accepting the responsibilities of said character is the test
  19. Think twice execute once
  20. Manifest destiny is only talk if you never execute 
  21. My hobbies include… thinking & creating
  22. Time is the most expensive Currency 
  23. Money can’t fix physical or mental problems
  24. Be the change you wish to see
  25. Tough love only works if you use it as fuel to become better
  26. Acceptance of Humility is 20% of self growth acceptance outlaid is the other 80%
  27. Flavours are Purely Preference
  28. Better or worse is Relative
  29. Greatness Takes Time
  30. Serve others the way you wish to be served
  31. Help others the way you wish to be helped
  32. Take care of others the way you wish to be taken care of
  33. We will go above and beyond for anyone within reason
  34. Tell us if you are unsatisfied, you will not hurt our feelings
  35. A human First Approach within our shop. 
  36. We know we are not perfect but we strive for perfection
  37. We try not pacify ourselves
  38. Only Judge yourself
  39. Never half ass A task
  40. Sacrificing The Bottom Line, Not Quality!

Why buy from us?

We're very proud of our coffee for multiple reasons.

1. We only source the best coffee from around the world

2. We hand-pick our origins carefully.

3. All our coffee is craft-roasted in small batches

4. Local to Charlotte, NC & Palo Alto, CA.

5. We test all our coffee with our state-of-the-art equipment that we have custom fabricated.

6. We believe the value of Putting People first.

7. We spare no expense when it comes to providing all our customers the best coffee service and experience.