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English Breakfast (Black Tea)

English Breakfast (Black Tea)

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Our Premium Teas

We carefully select the finest tea leaves from renowned tea gardens around the world to create a soothing and tasty collection of a variety of teas.

Taste Profile: Robust, Rich, with a Slightly Malty Flavor
The quintessential classic! Our English Breakfast Tea is a perfect choice for those who seek something rich yet refreshing. This blend leans towards a bold and semi-sweet fruitiness. This coupled with a healthy caffeine kick provides a positive start to any day. Each cup of this black tea is a journey through the robust flavors that have made English Breakfast a beloved tea around the world.

Why It’s Special?

Our English Breakfast Black Tea is created with black tea leaves carefully selected for their bold flavors and rich aroma. Whether enjoyed on its own or with milk and sugar, this tea offers a satisfying and fresh start to the day. Its robust flavor and full-bodied character make it a favorite among tea enthusiasts looking for a classic and comforting brew.

Crafted with Care!

  • Process: Carefully prepared to create a balanced and robust flavor profile
  • Ingredients: black tea leaves
  • Packaging: airtight packaging to keep it fresh

Whether you are new to teas or an enthusiast, English Breakfast Black Tea is sure to become your favorite. Whether enjoyed as a morning pick-me-up or a comforting afternoon treat, this tea will delight your taste buds and refresh your senses. Experience the classic elegance of English tea culture with every cup of our amazing blend.

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