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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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Roast Darkness

We roast our coffee to perfection, typically achieving a balance between light and medium roast to bring out its intended flavours and nuances.

Single Origin: A Journey to the Birthplace of Coffee

Taste Profile: Blueberries, Chocolate, Fig, & Honey

Embark on a flavor adventure with our Single Origin coffee, a treasure that hails from the revered birthplace of coffee itself. This coffee is a testament to the rich history and profound impact that its region of origin has had on the coffee world. It stands as one of the most sought-after coffees, celebrated by aficionados and casual drinkers alike for its remarkable taste and aroma.

Why It's Special:

This Single Origin coffee encapsulates the essence of its storied origin, delivering a cup that's rich in history and flavor. The taste profile of blueberries, chocolate, fig, and honey is a direct reflection of the unique terroir, showcasing the inherent qualities that make this origin so revered. Each sip offers a glimpse into the tradition and craft that has been perfected over centuries.

Crafted with Care:

  • Process: Utilizing a Natural/Dry Processing method, this coffee emphasizes the fruit's natural sugars, resulting in a cup that's bursting with sweetness and complex flavors, all while preserving the delicate nuances of its origin.
  • A Favorite Among Coffee Lovers: Known for its vibrant and layered flavor profile, this coffee is a favorite for those who appreciate a cup that combines historical significance with unmatched taste.
  • Packaging: Available in a 12 oz Bag, designed to maintain the coffee's freshness and aromatic qualities.

Dive into the depths of coffee's heritage with our Single Origin blend. Whether you prefer your coffee black or with a hint of milk, this offering promises a truly exceptional brewing experience, no matter how you choose to enjoy it. Rediscover the origins of coffee with each brew, and let the flavors of blueberries, chocolate, fig, and honey transport you to the very place where it all began.

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