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French Roast Brazil Mogiana

French Roast Brazil Mogiana

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Roast Darkness

We roast our coffee to perfection, typically achieving a balance between light and medium roast to bring out its intended flavours and nuances.

Infamous French Roast: The Brazilian Mogiana Marvel

Taste Profile: Chocolate, Honey, Almond, & Dried Fruit

Introducing our Infamous French Roast, a bold iteration of Brazil's Mogiana coffee, revered for its rich flavors and smooth finish. This single-origin marvel is a testament to the unique terroir of Brazil, offering a cup that's both deeply satisfying and remarkably sophisticated.

Why It's Special:

This coffee embodies the essence of Brazilian Arabica, known for its soft, nutty profile, and a delightful balance of bittersweet chocolate notes. The low acidity and rich body make it an exceptional choice for espresso lovers seeking depth and complexity in their brew.

Crafted with Care:

  • Process: Naturally and dry processed to preserve the intrinsic sweetness and enhance the chocolate, honey, almond, and dried fruit notes that define this exceptional roast.
  • Origin: Sourced from the Mogiana region, celebrated for producing some of Brazil's finest Arabica beans. This area's unique climate and soil conditions contribute to the coffee's distinctive taste.
  • Packaging: Available in a 12 oz and 5 pounds Bag, designed to maintain the coffee's freshness and aromatic qualities.

Our Infamous French Roast stands out for its ability to deliver a full-bodied experience, while maintaining a smooth and inviting profile. It's a perfect match for those who appreciate the art of a well-crafted espresso, offering a taste experience that's both rich and rewarding.

Experience the Essence: Our French Roast goes beyond the ordinary, capturing the heart of Brazilian coffee culture in every sip. It's not just coffee; it's an exploration of flavor, tradition, and passion, all contained within a 12 oz bag.

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