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Silver Needles (White Tea)

Silver Needles (White Tea)

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Our Premium Teas

We carefully select the finest tea leaves from renowned tea gardens around the world to create a soothing and tasty collection of a variety of teas.

Taste Profile: Delicate, Sweet, White Tea.

With a light, floral aroma and a refreshing taste, our silver needles are a true connoisseur's delight. This rare and precious tea is made from only the youngest, most tender tea buds, handpicked and carefully dried to preserve their delicate flavor and aroma. A perfect choice for moments of quiet reflection and relaxation.

Why It's Special?

Silver Needles is renowned for its delicate flavor and subtle sweetness. The tea buds are harvested during a short period in early spring, giving them a unique flavor profile that is both light and refreshing. This tea is a perfect choice for those looking to experience the true essence of white tea.

Crafted with Care!

  • Origin: Fujian, China
  • Caffeine: Low 30-55mg
  • Packaging: perfectly packed to keep light and moisture at bay

Are you a fan of sweet and fragrant teas? If so, this one is a must-try. Whether you enjoy it on its own or as a part of a tea blend, this white tea promises a delicate and nuanced tea-drinking experience. Savor the exquisite flavor of Silver Needles and discover the true essence of white tea.

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