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Zen Mode (White Tea)

Zen Mode (White Tea)

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Our Premium Teas

We carefully select the finest tea leaves from renowned tea gardens around the world to create a soothing and tasty collection of a variety of teas.

Taste Profile: Subtle, Smooth, Sweet, Slightly Bitter.

Here's a real eclectic blend of ours. Zen Mode is a hybrid of White and Green teas, with rose and jasmine petals giving it a full and floral body. White and Green teas combine to produce a slightly sweet tea with a slight bitterness to really round the whole cup out.

Why It's Special?

This tea truly lives up to its name; it puts you in the Zen Mode. This blend is crafted to create a sense of calm and balance. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for those seeking a moment of peace in their busy lives. The combination of white and green teas offers a unique flavor experience. Each element complements the other to create a taste-filled, delightful blend.

Crafted with Care!

  • Process: Carefully blended to ensure the perfect balance of flavors and aromas
  • Ingredients: Made from high-quality white and green tea leaves
  • Packaging: Designed to preserve the tea's freshness and delicate aroma

Find your Zen with our Zen Mode white tea blend. Let its subtle flavors and calming aroma guide you to a state of tranquility and balance. The best part is that it will smoothly fit into your tea-sipping routing. Whether you like to begin your day with tea or wind down in the evening, this tea will delight all your senses. Order now!

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